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Tired of gravitation and boredom? Lack of harmony and inspiration? Recharge your brain cells with positive energy, get inspired and embrace that promising shiny world in front of you! All you need is just download screenme engime, relax your brain muscles and enjoy!

Scientific researches proved some stable connection between the visible and the wanted. Abstract animation helps to return into the desired reality via focalizing of intention. It works as follows: eyes are viewing, and thoughts, not having enough time to capture any familiar image, are tuning as it needs. Try our Free Meditation Screensavers!

download, install and run ScreenMe Engine to see any meditation screensavers by one click

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« ScreenMe (short for ScreenMeditation) is a sophisticated real-time visualization program that produces stunning graphic effects on the screen of your computer and allows you to relax and meditate while watching an amazingly beautiful fusion of color, motion and shapes.»
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