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Catch Me Again 00 screensaver for free download

Catch Me Again 00

Download as:free screensaver (442 Kb)
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Description:Just relax and let this divine flow get you there, it doesn’t matter where, because you enjoy the moment.
Another description:Here comes an another version of Catch Me - this time it is not gonna be that easy.. unless you can read extremely rare and exceptionally ancient symbols.
Installation:Right mouse click on downloaded Catch_Me_Again_00.scr
or rename it to Catch_Me_Again_00.exe and run without installation.
How to remove:Just delete the downloaded file.
Tuning:Run screensaver and press F1 to see all controls description.
Press Esc to exit.
System requirement:This screensaver desinged for CPUs with SSE2 and frequency at least 1.7Ghz. Windows XP or Vista.
click on picture to see screensaver online, if you install ScreenMe Engine previously
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« ScreenMe (short for ScreenMeditation) is a sophisticated real-time visualization program that produces stunning graphic effects on the screen of your computer and allows you to relax and meditate while watching an amazingly beautiful fusion of color, motion and shapes.»
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